Teck Cable

teck cable

Teck cable, a flexible armoured cable originally designed for use in Canadian mines, has become a key component for the distribution of electricity through a broad range of industrial, commercial and manufacturing facilities. A combination of interlocking flexible armour with two layers of PVC jacket enables a rugged, compact and flexible cable that is resistant to corrosion, water and mechanical abuse. Teck cable has a maximum conductor temperature of 90°C and a low temperature rating of -40°C. It is available in voltage ranges between 600V and 35KV.

Teck Cable Applications

Teck cable is used extensively by the pulp and paper, chemical, mining, petrochemical and manufacturing industries in a broad range of applications, especially where cable may be subject to mechanical damage and corrosive chemicals. Commercial applications for teck cable include apartment buildings and commercial complexes. Teck cable is also an economical alternative as the need for conduits or ducts and pull boxes is eliminated.

Teck cable is approved for use in wet and dry locations, indoor and outdoor in exposed and concealed wiring, in ventilated, non-ventilated and ladder type cable trays, for direct earth burial, and for service entrance installations, above and below ground. It is ‘HL’ rated for use in all hazardous locations when used with optional ‘HL’ approved connectors.

Teck Wire selection:

600V Armoured Control Product List | Specifications (PDF 486KB)
600V Teck Multiconductor Product List | Specifications (PDF 302KB)
600V Teck Composite Product List | Specifications (PDF 146KB)
1KV Teck Product List | Specifications (PDF 427KB)
5KV Teck Unshielded Product List | Specifications (PDF 239KB)
Teck Medium Voltage Shielded Product List | Specifications (PDF 1.21MB)

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